Extension of Water and Sanitation Services in Low income areas of Honduras

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Project ID P102474 
Task Team Leader (TTL) Ms. Yoonhee Kim 
Project Type
(World Bank, GPOBA, Other)
GPOBA Subsidy + TA (Technical Assistance)
Project Status Closed
Project Approval Date June 19, 2007  
Background The "Extension of Water and Sanitation Services in Low income areas of Honduras" GPOBA pilot project employs output-based aid to improve access to water and sanitation services for low income households in rural and peri-urban communities. The project is currently under implementation.
OBA Approach GPOBA will fund the development of an OBA scheme aimed at improving access to water and sanitation services to low income households. This project will establish an efficient and transparent mechanism for financing water and sanitation infrastructure subprojects in Honduras by creating a national OBA Facility. Subprojects will target peri-urban and rural poor communities where household incomes average less than $46 per month or US$2 per day.

Country Honduras
Sector/SubSector Water Supply and Sanitation, Water Supply and Sanitation, Sanitation, Water Supply
Type Urban    PeriUrban    Rural    Slum

Funding & Disbursement
Project Funding Sources
Private (for profit)
Private (not for profit)
Public Agency
Trust Fund/GPP
User Contribution
Total Grant Amount $ 4,590,000
% Disbursed 82%
Average Grant Per Capita US$ 51

Electricity connections
Enrollments (medical insurance, school enrollment)
Gas connections
Home systems (SHS, biogas)
Increased Water
Infrastructure constructed (network, production, school, hospital)
Kilowatt (installed capacity)
Km road (constructed/maintained
Medical treatments
Pay phones/internet kiosks
Sanitation points
Sewer connections
Vouchers (medical/insurance/school)
Water and sewer connection
Water connections
Delivery Progress # of Planned Outputs: 15,000
# of Actual Outputs Delivered: 8,774

# of Planned Beneficiaries: 90,000
# of Actual Beneficiaries: 52,644

Specific Outputs 1. HH Water Connection
Unit Cost: US$ 194.00
Unit Cost Includes: Installation    Network/Transmission    Generation/Production    Off-Grid/Mini-Grid    VAT   
Disbursement Triggers*: Advance (10%)     Intermediate Output     Final Output (65%)     Service Delivery (25%)    

*Disbursement Trigger: % of subsidy triggered by advances, intermediate outputs, final outputs or service delivery

Competition & Targeting
Selection Process** Competitive Bidding    Incumbent    Multiple Small Scale/Accreditation    Ranking    Other   
Targeting*** Community Based    Existing    Geographic    Means Tested    Self Selection   
**Indicates the process that was used to determine the service provider.
***Targeting: indicates method used to determine project beneficiaries